Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Ride

A quick morning commute, mes amis!

I work one evening a week volunteering in the Desert San’s organic garden. So it’s a short commute day where I ride about 20 miles round-trip on the River Running and Bike Path. It was still a bit chilly but getting nice as the days progress—I just wore shorts and a tee-shirt but needed arm warmers. Where I park my car it sits under large trees that keep it shaded all day, so it’s not cooked when I get to the end of my ride at the end of the day.

Gradually the snow melt is thinning out in the Rillito...

Arizona has a phone number you can call and report drivers that throw trash out their vehicles—mainly those that throw lit cigarettes butts are the drivers they want to reach.

A few years ago, the County and State spent millions of dollars to fight a devastating fire on Mt. Lemmon, which began by a burning cigarette. It was started by a young undesirable who threw his butt out the window at a campsite as he and his party left the mountain. They caught him and his cohorts—and during his trial he vehemently denied being a smoker. They were having a hard time nailing this ass until some of the media caught him taking a smoke break in the back alley of the courthouse between hearings.

I am strong. (Chorus--"Strong" I am invincible. (Chorus--"Invincible.") I am ah Red neeeck.

Driving home, the man is this truck I was behind tossed out at least three lit cigarettes. Being a windy late afternoon, one of the lit butts being pushed by the breeze, rolled across the road and into the weeds—so you can see how easy it is out here to have a fire get way out of control.

The number to call the Litter Hotline is 1-877-354-8837.

When you give them the day, time, location, and the plate of the vehicle, the driver gets a letter that says, to the effect, “Hey you threw a lit cigarette out the window of your truck—that’s not safe—we all have to be aware of the fire danger in our State.”

Maybe when the DOT pulls up this guy’s record, they might see other things—like a warrant for his arrest—or should he tell a judge and jury, “hey I ain’t no smoker! I didn’t start no fire!” the record may say other-wise.

Cheers! Bruce


Sir Bikesalot said...

Nice. That numbers going on my contact list. Can't stand people that think they have to turn everyones land into an ash tray so they won't get their own personal ash tray dirty.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Yeh, this is one of my pet-pevees--it really irks me.