Monday, April 05, 2010

Tucson Bike 2 Work Week -- Day 1

I stopped to pet the horses that often watch me ride by in the mornings.

My first day of Bike 2 Work Week was the 23 mile commute from my house in Dog Mtn, down to River Rd where I rode east, and then hopped onto the River Bike Path at about Dodge, and then the last three or four miles into the Desert San. It was a beautiful day, mes amis, and I am all set to ride everyday this week.

Riding East on the River Bike and Running Path, Tucson, Arizona. There is still snow in the mountains so the River is still flowing! Everything is fresh and green, and there are birds everywhere--you don't see this stuck in car traffic, mes amis...

Leaving at 5:40 a.m. means a cool start, but as the sun comes up, things warm up fast—and I am beginning to cruise into the home stretch to my office just as the car traffic starts to gear up.

What helped is that it’s much lighter now in the morning, and that just means I can ride faster down the mountain. It’s also not as cold which means less clothing to wear and then haul back home.

I hope you get a chance to ride at least a few days this week, Gentle Reader of This Blog!

Cheers! Bruce


Big Oak said...

Dang, I didn't realize this was bike to work week. I drove my truck yesterday and today due to late meetings. I screwed up b2w week again!

Good luck on yours!

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hey there, Mr. Big...

I'll be lucky if I can ride everyday--I will try. Even if you can go one or maybe two days that's still pretty good!

Cheers! Bruce

Sir Bikesalot said...

Up here in the valley it's bike to work month. Kind of dilutes it a little too much for my liking but oh well, I continue to bike to work on a regular basis