Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Ride

Alan and I went out for a fast 30 mile ride Sunday morning. The weather here in Tucson is great, and Sunday morning was perfect. We didn’t leave super early, and we didn’t get finished late and get fried in the heat. That will be the case soon as the temp rise here—for this Sunday however it was the best, Gentle Readers of This Blog.

We did a few sprints and intervals along the course—what a way to raise the heart rate! Later as we were winding down, and riding past what seemed a church neighborhood, with I think a church on every corner—families were out all dressed up in Sunday best. There were little girls in new bright dresses, and young lads with that new Navy Blue Blazer and neat combed hair.

Certainly a blast from the past, as it reminded me of those days back in Tulsa when we would go to church all dressed up for Easter Service. My older sister kept me and my little brother in-line, while me Da went down to the donut shop nearby to have coffee and a cigarette with the other men.

With all the rain we’ve had, wild flowers were pushing out just about everywhere. That made me happy—and cleared my mind from worry… The ride in the rain last week rusted up one of my cables and mucked-up the housing for my rear break—Alan said not to worry and just use the front, but be careful. Easier said than done—but actually it was not a big deal.

One thing I pray for is the return of 100 degrees, mes amis. This is because I have allergies and I suffer with burning eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. The air in Tucson right now is an orgy of pollen—party time for everything flowering. The party is over when 100 degrees burns everything away and the pollen factory is shut down.

Cheers! Bruce

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