Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Bike 2 Work Week, Day Two

So far so good and now I’m on day two of Bike 2 Work. Because I have to stay late and do some work in the organic garden that we got started up here—I actually drove to the Rillito River Park—and then biked in about half-way I think. I believe this still counts for day two of Bike 2 Work Week, mes amis. On the way home I’ll just get to the car as the Sun’s going down.

I rode Big Sexy this morning—after fitting ‘em up with all the lights and handle bar bag and saddle bag—oh and air in the tires—I strapped this big steel machine onto moi voiture.

Since I’m riding about 12 miles all on the bike path and not 23 miles in traffic—I had a bit more time to sleep in, but not much. I still had to push Big Sexy along—once I got going, the big bike is a dream.

You don’t always have to go totally lycra—I just have on shorts and a tee-shirt this morning. I wore arm warmers as it was just below 50 degrees. Riding clothes are still the best because even though my commute was short and I was not riding that fast, I still broke a bit of a sweat.

The great thing about today is that I meet up with a young Cooper’s Hawk, sitting on a rail in my favorite section of the river path. I love the grove of young Cottonwood trees as they are gleaming emerald green in the morning sunshine. Then I rode right past that young hawk—and he was so perfectly beautiful and regal.

I stopped, got my camera ready, turned around and slowly and quietly rode up to him. I took a not very good photo of him there—I knew he would fly away as soon as I approached. But he let me get so close—and for a few long moments he curiously looked me over with those piercing ruby eyes. The sun made him shine like gold! Then he flew into the Cottonwoods like an arrow.

Just off the bike path and about to jump into busy traffic for the dash into the office--here are some wild flowers taking in the morning sunshine.

After that, a few miles—then I jump into busy automobile traffic and I do one last speed interval to the back entrance of the Desert San—passing the cars that must crawl to the next light like an arrow myself!

Big Sexy by my bike locker at the Deseret San.

On the way home, and just onto the bike path and the park entrance, some folks enjoying the sunset with beer and wine. I asked if I could take their photo and they said sure--I was invited for a drink but I declined. The wind was blowing, and I wanted to get going...

As the sun was going down and we were finishing up in the organic garden, the wind came up and it started to get cold. All my warmers from the morning came back on for the evening. The way I saw it, I would get home about dark--I had a pretty stiff headwind to contend with, mes amis--stronger than usual for this time of year. The bike path all the way home was empty and I had everything to myself. In the cover of the trees, and slipping under the breeze--I made good time on Big Sexy.

I hope you get to ride this week, Gentle Readers of This Blog.

Cheers! Bruce


Red Bike said...

Do you often find people sitting in the middle of a muddy lake drinking wine?

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hey Red!

Its rare that the river actually has water running--this is snow melt from Mt. Lemmon, and now its like the river park has been transformed! Everything is green, birds are everywhere, rabbits and mice running around under my wheels while on my commutes... It makes everyone happy, and so I believe that was their reason to enjoy the evening. In just a few weeks, the temps will be over 100 again...

Cheers! Bruce