Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September, Have You a Sister? Why Yes-- Here She is-- October

6 a.m. at the YMCA Parking lot.

I've always had a thing for Septembery stuff--but September in Tucson--at least the last few days--deadly hot, mes amis. I realized that I rode all through Summer in record-breaking 100 degree + heat. Things are changing and the air is sweet instead of dry and hot.

Heading East on Ina Rd., as the Sun is rising up over the Rincon Mountains.

The Sun is blinding and I want to make some distance down the road before everyone is out and on their way to work. This early there's not too much traffic.

The Author Riding His Bike.

I have to have a cap on with the visor pulled down so I can at least see the bike lane. At a certain point I'm okay and heavy traffic is behind me--I'm up higher on the Ridge.

The Big After-Work Climb.

By the end of the week as I'm collecting my thoughts to write about things, I can tell that I need a rest day. After the first three days, and 90 miles commuting, I start to feel tired. I welcome the thought of sleeping in and taking the car--at least in the morning when traffic is lite.

But this afternoon, mes amis, there was a forceful steady breeze bearing down on me. The Monsoons are supposed to be over for the season--but wait a sec? Here comes some rain!

Ireland or Italy?

I should take more pictures of saguaro for you, Gentle Reader of This Blog.

The Tohono O'odam say that the saguaro are their ancient ancestors living on, enjoying the sunshine, and hopefully giving me encouragement as I climb up the road on this gusty afternoon.

About 6 p.m. and back at the YMCA parking lot.

September was good to me, but now I'm ready for October. If September was the Blonde Girl, then October is the Brunette--a bit unpredictable, often moody--but good to cyclists.

Allure Libre! Cheers! Bruce

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