Monday, September 07, 2009

Big 54 Mile Commute Day

Its been a long hot summer.

Labor Day I chose to come in and work part of the day which meant I can save my time-off for a longer holiday. The commute distance from my house to the Desert San by car is 23 miles, but by bike its just over 27. This is because I have to go the long way around to avoid poor roads and heavy traffic. With light or no traffic on the Labor Day Holiday, its pretty fun to do the long ride--the mornings are cool and beautiful out here in the desert, mes amis.

The desert is getting plowed down so I can save a few minutes driving my fat ass to retail outlets for shit I don't need and restaurants that are unhealthy and suck.

Its getting quite congested near Dog Mtn--all because of one golf tournament where Tiger Woods plays for about three days once a year. All the parasitic business that are trying to suck a few bucks off of golf fans--whom are supposedly an affluent lot of humans--have already gone belly-up. Mostly they are dorky over-priced restaurants and high-end bistros and boutiques. They suck their own snot and then die. But the price we all pay is the landscape and ecosystem laid waste.

Calle Concordia, heading East. This is the Western base of Pusch Ridge and I'll ride South East around it and in the foothills to the Desert San.

Club riders out enjoying the morning.

I rode with several groups and individual riders out today. I was on my way to work and most everyone else was on their way to breakfast. I would have liked to have joined them. It was nice to see more people on bikes than cars on the road. Everyone is gearing up for El Tour this year.

Fuck your attitude and your truck, Bitch.

Heading home in the early afternoon. Its hot and humid and the rain is coming my way.

There's a strong headwind as well as I make the first climb out of the San and into the traffic.

Midtown Tucson and the office are a few miles behind, as the Monsoon storm begins to cover the city, rolling in from Old Mexico.

Oro Valley--through the valley, and after a hot long climb, I'll be at the base of the Tortolita Mtns. I'll be heading West, or left, in the photo along Moore Rd and home.

I get a tailwind on Moore Rd for about three miles--Wind Gods on Mt. Lemmon must be smiling at me this afternoon!

Heading West into the Sunset. From here I have a few miles then back on Tangerine Rd where there's a bike lane. I'll have a three mile descent to Dog Mtn and then one mile climb to my modest shack in the desert.

I have to be honest with you, Gentle Reader of This Blog, that commuting 27 miles to work each way is just way too long of a commute. Its okay once in awhile, but were I do try and do this during the week a few more times, it would tire me out. Not that 50 or so miles is too many miles, its just that it makes for a very long day. I would have to get up and be in the saddle by 5:30 a.m. and then I wouldn't be getting home until 6:30 p.m. or later. I think I'll stick to my regular 16 mile commute both ways--it takes me just under and hour, and won't wear me out.

I also think I'll take my rest days maybe Thursday and Friday--lately I've found that I'm apt to sleep in on the weekend instead of putting in the long miles. I believe this has been on account of the summer 100 degrees-plus days I've been riding. As it gets cooler now that summer is winding down, we won't have to be getting up at 4:30 a.m. because we need to be back by 10 or 11 or else die in the heat.

Have a good week, mes amis!

Cheers! Bruce

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