Tuesday, September 08, 2009

September Tucson Moonsoon

Heading West on the Rillito River Bike Path.

Humid this afternoon, like this morning for the ride in as well. Not much head wind but the temp cools as I ride into the rain clouds up ahead.

This is looking East, back the way I've ridden from the office. You can see the Eastern part of Pusch Ridge--then some of the more affluent homes built off River Rd. Then there's the bike route that I'm on, and to the far right is the Rillito River--mostly dry all year round. This morning I was riding in on River Rd, East, so I was about a mile or so up on River Rd, passing by those houses.

Looking West, the direction I'm riding for the afternoon commute back home.

If there's bad weather or I just don't want to ride in heavy traffic, I take this route on the bike path. Ina and Sunrise/Skyline follows the foothills of Pusch Ridge you see up there. I ride pretty much the length of the Ridge those days I take that route.

I got just a little bit of this rain, and it felt good and clean and cool.

In the back ground is River Rd, and I parked here at the River Park, where a lot of runners and walkers park and then do their thing--but I jump on River Road here sometimes and do some interval work--the bike lane is new, smooth, and makes for a pretty quick run to the San.

I needed to sleep a bit later, have a cup of coffee, and do a recovery ride from the 54 mile commute., mes amis. Today I did not want to get caught in heavy rain on the busy Ina Rd. As you know, its a fast and furious quick dash to my car--but in rain, Tucson drivers get a bit nervous--dangerous for bike commuters like myself. I'll take the low road and live to ride another day, Gentle Readers of This Blog!

Cheers! Bruce

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