Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot and Windy September Ride

Top of the morning climb on Sunrise Drive--the Sun has gradually changed its position--the Earth is tilting so that Fall begins in the Desert.

Cool this morning, and hard to see because for the first three or four miles, the Sun is right in my line of site--and probably all the automobile commuters eyes as well. I need to start wearing my cycle cap to keep the glare down so I can see up the road for things in the bike lane. It is very bright, mes amis!

This is Craycroft and newly re-paved I might add. Fast as Hell going down into the office. Not much traffic in the mornings.

Trek 2.3 set up for the commuting. This will be my brevet out-fit as well.

The ride home was hot! Gentle Readers of This Blog, the temp was almost 102--and it was windy as I climbed up into the foothills of the ridge. I was cooked well done by the time I got home. Man, it was just so hot--I am looking forward to some cooler late afternoons.

As it cools down in October, this hot windy climb every evening will be a bit easier.

Cheers! Bruce

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Sir Bikesalot said...

Be at ease for the cold front is upon us. You will wake up on Thursday and fall weather will be here. At least for a few days.