Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Welcome October

The last few weeks of September were in the high 90's--and of course when Steve and I rode our Marana-Scottsdale-Marana ride, 102 degrees made the long last miles challenging.

Check out October, mes amis; cool morning air with a sleepy sun--all September mornings on the commute I arrived at the Desert San soaked in sweat. September late afternoon rides home, again, dripping with sweat from the rays of the Sun.

Add the layer of grime and dirt from the relentless headwind, and you have Little Egypt on my case for smelling bad and being a "filthy cyclist!" It's her pristine 'lil car that at the end of the day I climb into for a lift. "Hello, Dear!" I say, having survived another death-defying ride from the office to the YMCA.

"You Stink..."

Ah--Little Egypt -- my Better Half!

October! Cool Crisp October. I feel fit, I feel lean--I feel October and I will have a love affair. The sky is lovely, the headwind has run off with the rains (go blast the lads up in South Dakota!) and the Sun seems to have lost that intensity for a change.

Yeah, so I'm day-dreaming but not for long--motorists are being absent minded so I must pay attention always, and watch everything and everyone.

As I rolled up to a stop light, past the cars that were stopped and stopping—a little fat kid, Dewayne Dirt, Jr. sitting in the passenger side of Papa Dewayne Dirt’s outfit, stuck out his little fat arm and dumped one of those large 82 once Big Gulp cups that hold all that pop into the bike lane in front of me. Little fat kid looked totally embarrassed—I had no comment or reply. It was pathetic and sad, Gentle Readers of This Blog!

The Sun's heat is not what I worry about now so much. With the Sun lower, it can be hard for motorists to see (not that they're aware of what they're doing behind the wheel anyway) and I need to get to the YMCA as soon as possible because it will start to get dark as I pull in at 6 o'clock.


bikingbrady said...

Are you wishing ill will on us up here in SD? Saturday's big "fall colors ride" is supposed to have SW winds of 17. Is that all you got Mother Nature? The LAST TIME we took this same trip it was over 30!

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Mista Brady!

Yikes--No ill will intended! Just playing... I only want tailwinds for you cats up there!

Best on the Ride!

Cheers! Bruce