Saturday, October 04, 2008

I Have Spoken

When Storm Cloud and Mt. Lemmon have a morning chat, it will be a windy day in Tucson!

Saturday and lots of cyclists out.  We all bunched together to draft.  Most were calling it a day when I turned up Oracle Rd to head North to Saddlebrook (its an "Adult Active Community" for affluent old farts--we jokingly call it Saddlebags round these parts)  I had one Hell of a tailwind--it was awesome--but I saw other riders heading down and they weren't looking so happy.   

I made it up to Saddlebrook okay (I remembered Gerry Goode was  on PAC TOUR, so I skipped his place and headed back.)

Pow!  Headwind to beat all!   On a normal day you rocket down Oracle Rd--but not this morning!   I rode down and joined up with four other riders and we got in a group to pace and draft in the wind.   We got going pretty good and made it down to Tangerine and headed West.   One of the guys called up and said we'd dropped his pals, so we slowed to re-group.   They said they'd had it and were turning off anyway.   We waved and I was on my way back home--to tough it out on my own.

It seems Fall showed up with a Grand Entrance.  I turned around to take this shot of Mt. Lemmon for you, Gentler Reader of This Blog.    

About ten miles from home, heading West on Moore Rd.  The sign should really read, "Moore Headwind!"

My Barack Obama spoke cards showed up Friday!   Little Egypt was still probably sleeping so I zipped into Espresso Drinni for my Cafe Americano...

The spoke card were a big hit at the Cafe--even those friends of mine at the cafe who will vote for McCain thought they were kind of cool.


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