Monday, October 06, 2008

Picacho Peak Dairy Queen

Eric calls me on a sleepy Sunday afternoon--"Let's ride, Bro!" I suggest riding up to Dairy Queen and back, for a quick 50 mile spin.

Eric leaves from his house, and I leave from mine. We meet on the Frontage Rd right at 3 p.m. I take out the Raleigh Marathon; the bike has a 69 cm frame or "Big Sexy" as everyone likes to call it.

Picacho Peak DQ is 28 miles from my house up in Dog Mtn. This shot is about from eight miles out. We're heading North up to Phoenix.

We've got a steady headwind and we're riding strong. Eric says as I'm sitting up so high on Big Sexy, there's a incredible draft.

The DQ is one of the controles on the Brevet routes. You can see this tower and its red flashing beacon from 10 or so miles out on the Frontage Rd, in either direction. Eric and I stop just to fill up our water bottles--we need to get back before sunset.

A much needed tailwind drives us home for the return trip. We've brought clip-on lights in case we need them for the last few miles.

John and Kathy come out to meet us--bearing ice cream!


Eric "The Wing" and "Eye Candy" Heller...

A strong tailwind going home, and I make it just in time for dinner. That's the perfect way to wrap up the weekend, mes amis!


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