Friday, September 05, 2008

Week by Bike

The first week of September. Already Summer seems to be checkin' out. Sunrise is just behind Mt. Lemmon as I make my way climbing up Tangerine Rd for the first three miles of my morning commute.

Lots of bright sunshine as Fall approaches round the bend. I can only offer a shot of my bike just as I've arrived at the bike locker.

I've just left the office and I'm off for the bike path for the commute home. This afternoon I'll have my old friend the headwind to make sure I don't go it alone.

We've had lots of rain, Gentle Reader. Everything is green and fresh. The Monsoons are over--I can feel it in the air. My ride home will be about 101 degrees today--September is always a hot month with temps in the 100's until early October.

Allure Libre...

Ina/Skyline/Sunrise is the road I take in the mornings to work, just at the base of the mountians you see here. In the afternoon, there is way too much traffic. I like to take the river because its a way to wind down after a day at the office--and there's no cars!

Into work is 25 miles, but Little Egypt fetches me at the YMCA, so I ride back 15 miles. I've ridden 40 miles round-trip, four days this week-- milage is 160 miles. My weight has gone from 250 pounds to 235 pounds. It has not been easy, mes amis. I have to be packed and in bed by 9:30 p.m. to rise at 5 a.m. As we have just one car now--I must be in the saddle no later than 6 a.m.

Callie is always glad when I'm home!

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