Friday, September 19, 2008

Week by Bike -- Commuting Milestones

It's been a few years--since back when I worked at the University of Arizona--that I biked into work five days in row. I'm writing this Friday afternoon, and in a little while, I'll be riding home to Dog Mtn; it will mark 200 miles by bike for the week of September 15th through September 19th.

Commute days were usually three days a week--then four days a week. Four days a week for several months I should say. This included Saturday rest day--and then typically 60 to 90 miles on Sunday.

The second milestone is that I figured out how to get the Campus Bike into the bike locker (I store it for the weekend--during the week I have it locked in the bike racks) with out wrestling it like a ornery calf into that little space.

Third--I've lost 20 pounds. It has taken me about four months of hard work. Mainly ironing my clothes and packing them into my backpack--and now the saddle bags. Really Gentle Reader, that is the hardest part: making sure you're packed and ready to roll out first thing in the morning... The last ten pounds came off fast. I suspect that it is because I went from riding 30 miles a day to 40. The 25 miles into the office is all climbing--very tough climbing, which I did on purpose. The youngbloods out for an early morning spin on Ina still pass me--but they're not dropping me. In fact, more and more I'm riding with them. A group invited me to skip work, call in sick, and go do a few laps in Saguaro Nat'l Park East. Gentle Reader, you do not know how tempting that thought was--but I abstained this time!

I also added one more mile to the commute, which is the challenging climb from Swan to Craycroft, heading East on Skyline. The reward is the chance to glide down Craycroft and 35 mph and into the Desert San and the office.

I will also add that the headwinds have been brutal this year. Tailwinds have been sweet--but they are few and far between--never late in the week when I really need a divine wind to carry me home. More than not--I arrive at the Y an exhausted heap. Little Egypt wonders why I torture myself.

If you have read this far, my Dear Gentle Reader of This Blog--you know the reason--


Allure Libre!

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