Monday, September 15, 2008


There was an awesome full moon when I left the house this morning. Here's the moon setting almost on Panther Peak.

I stopped by the YMCA, about ten miles into my morning commute, to take off my arm warmers (a bit of a chill in Dog Mtn!) and to put on my sunglasses. I'll be heading right into the morning sun for part of my climb. Its blinding, mes amis! I'm glad there's not much traffic because I am sure automobiles have trouble seeing me...

There has been so much rain that the river lands have been transformed into a tree farm. There's still quite a few large tracks of undeveloped land on the river. Sadly, I see it getting plowed and bulldozed to make way for luxury homes and villas.

There was an unusually strong headwind out of the East this morning--gusting to 25 mph the morning paper reported when I read it at lunch. No wonder I was exhausted when I got to work--my legs felt very weak. I also felt drained all day.

So I was glad when I got on the bike for the ride home, because that headwind that wore me down this morning was now a steady tailwind.

The sun is in need of a vacation I think. All summer long, he's been working hard--making the Monsoon rains better than ever this year--and often letting me know who's boss. Only a few weekends ago, I rode 90 miles, and the last part of that was in temps at 102 degrees.

He still blazes high in the sky--but he's tired.

The first offical day of Fall is this week. I can tell that day is soon to arrive--my hope is that I'll have a good view and know it when I see it happen. I mean, there's the formula and someone has done the calculations--which is a feat of genius--but most people are indiffernt. Too busy thinking about their boxer shorts constricting their balls to care. Speaking of balls--when the sun makes it hard to see, sometimes I hit a bump or a crack in the pavement that I could normally avoid. Feels like getting kicked in the nuts...

Allure Libre!

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