Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Man of Steel

The Big Steel Raleigh Super Grand Prix...

I brought in about 10 days worth of work clothes when I had the car and drove into the office. Every evening I pack the day's clothes home--I needed to bring back hangers.

The wind's been a constant companion this week. It's either a headwind or a tailwind--but not the usual pattern I know oh so well, mes amis! Last night, the headwind seemed to get stronger the closer I got to home. I was seven minutes late and Little Egypt was left waiting (listening to her new CD full blast-she didn't even notice when I pulled up...)

This is the end of the Bike Path, heading West. The bike path runs along the Rillalto River, and River Rd. I'll go right and get on La Cholla--which is my climb up to Ina Rd.

Busy traffic as people are going home--but I have a wide and smooth bike lane as you can see. There are four stages of mile and mile-and-a-half climbs that I make. Then one really dangerous left turn to go West on Ina.

What I do is look for a window of oppurtunity and then sprint into the double left hand turn lane. About 99% of the time I make it to the light and through with no problem. The other 1% I have to go thru the light, do a right and a right to get in the bike lane heading West. It's tricky too--the sun is blinding drivers (who are always driving so god damn fast!) and it's also a major right turn for said drivers to head up to Dog Mtn. Pick yer poison, Gentle Reader!

The best part of this evening's ride was that Little Egypt had ordered Pizza Hut! Yeah! I stuffed my face--Callie barked at me because she thought I might not save her a piece of pizza crust--which she loves!


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