Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Rare September Monsoon Ride

Heading West on the River Bike Path toward home.

With no headwind out of the West, I get to fly like a falcon--but rain is on the way!

Big clouds rolling in with thunder and lightning!

Usually, our Monsoons are over by now--no one forecast the storm for this late afternoon. A great surprise and a beautiful and powerful show! I'm glad I had a front row seat. A very light rain kept me cool, and the tailwind was a much needed relief from always the unforgiving headwind for the ride homeward. I waited under the shelter of the entrance to the Y as the rain poured only minutes after I arrived.


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Doug said...

Bruce...I haven't visited in awhile. Enjoyed catching up on your blog. Nice write-up on your 200k last month. Congrats on the finish. I could do the distance, but I live at 650 ft above sea level, that 9100 ft would kill me. Nice job!!