Monday, April 21, 2008

Aqua Vita de Tucson

Friday last my school chum Ryan showed up and we had bike trip to a local lunch stop. With life going full speed and me trying to hang on, it’s good to relax and hang out on a Friday afternoon with a good friend. Ryan lives in the area so it’s just a few minutes form his place to my office via velo—and he’s promised to show me some backstreets to Panda Express, our lunch stop.

From the Desert Sanitarium, we make our way down the sidewalks next to Grant Road.

A very busy road, Grant Road; always congested and under construction. Locals drive fast, and snowbirds going to doctor’s appointments drive just a bit faster than grass growing—so you can imagine the traffic headache.

We’ll beat the lunch crowd to Panda, but we have to watch out for drivers coming in and out of shops on Grant. Got to be careful around the restaurants as the lunch crowd tends to drive fast to make up for lost time in traffic.

I see they’ve changed the “Panda Beef” to “Beijing Beef” because as I wrote in another post, it kind of gave the impression you were ordering panda meat as an entrĂ©e. Ew…

Ryan from school days at university. It’s a lovely afternoon and we’re lunching outside. We can take our time because the office is just a few minutes away by bike.

The old water tower circa 1924 can be seen as we take the back way.

Ryan on the bike.

On my commute home, I pass stables that are the remnants of cattle ranches that bordered the Desert San back in 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Besides the hospital campus, medical offices abound, even back here.

I’ll stow my campus bike away for the weekend in my bike locker. I remove the front wheel and then turn the handlebars sideways so to fit the bike inside. Ryan’s photo with my camera illustrates this maneuver, Gentle Reader.

I say so long to my mate Ryan—and will take him up on his offer to ride again.


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Woo hoo, I'm basking in my fifteen minutes here.