Monday, April 07, 2008

Ridin' Rollin'

Dave Glasgow trains for Furnance Creek back in the day...

Just trying to balance life and riding. Big plans for a big ride--but every-so-often mortals must sleep in and stay home.

So I went out on the road--got hungry, and had breakfast at the cafe. Just an out and back. I don't even have picture to show you, Gentle Reader. But I found a few from an old disc I had laying around the office.

Dave on Indian 15

Dave Glasgow training for the Furnace Creek 508 is what was on here. I was going to crew that ultra race but for some reason I wasn't along. But we did go out on the John Farr Double course and I was sag support. If I remember right, Dave rode non-stop for 24 hours and I believe he rode about 340 miles, or almost the 200 course twice.

Sag car.

John rode part of the course with Dave, to help pass the time for almost 400 miles.

Often, the road can be long. It's good to have friends along.

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