Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ode to Kari--My Crew Chief--My Angel, adieu... (sigh)

My Crew Chief, the late great Kari. Many of you know the story. Only now can I write and tell the tale... When I needed SAG on my randonnees, I would often call Kari. Kari--an exchange student from Amsterdam--crew chief, mechanic, navigator, friend, and incredible Randonneuse.

Bicycles are ingrained in the culture of the Nertherlands, and the people there, like Kari, take cycling very seriously. These people care: They recycle, they walk, they take the bus. They do not waste or destroy. The planet is very important to them--and the bicycle is worshiped and revered. In fact, quite a few Randonneurs are national heroes in Kari's country.

This blog entry documents the last time we were together. And the last time she was my crew chief. Saddly, the support vehicle exploded--Kari's ashes were spread on the road--on the wind--and into the blue sky.

Maybe she would have wanted it that way. I must stop. I cannot write anymore. Peace...

I didn't know what had happened until after the ride...

She gave her life so that I might ride again...

I'm mending now--see you all later--
Oh, and I'm looking for a new Crew Chief, Ladies!!!

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