Monday, February 11, 2008

Tucson's Most Scenic Most Dangerous Road

20 MPH--Yeah right!

Picture Rocks Road is somewhere on the edge of Saguaro Nat'l Park. The Park is beautiful of course, but around the perimeter lives vile trailer trash--I kid you not. I've posted about going down this road, and the Red Necks that make beer and cigarette runs. Sunday the day after my Birthday--for some reason--we rode up Picture Rocks. I must now say that this is the most dangerous road in this one-horse town I've ever been on.

John Danger and Kathy the Fearless. Photo is at the top of the most dangerous and scenic roads in Tucson, Arizona.

When Red Necks speed up and down this stretch of track faster than NASCAR drivers with performance-inhancing drugs racing thru their veins--the only thing that keeps them from reaching for their guns to shoot at us, is the fact they must keep both hands on the steering wheel of their jalopies so they don't crash n' burn. "Dang! I fergot to re-load mah gun! Got to stop drinkin' so much on the Lord's Day!"

We stop for a break and to re-group after riding through Hell. Some redneck gal pulls up in her piece of shit jeep--with a puppy! That pit bull probably belongs to her common-law re-tard husband.

Let's go have breakfast at the airpark! What say you? Oh yes! Let's go! Jolly good, I say!

Eric cannot believe we would ride up Picture Rocks. He met us at the airport where they have a pretty good rest runt--or rest rent. Depends on which side of the tracks you live on.

Another beautiful sunny day in Tucson, Arizona.


Sir Bikesalot said...

Dave Peashock and I fell victim to an ORV generated dustorm from these guys riding along side us for a mile and a half heading down to the airfield.
I dindn't know the airpark had a restaurant. Will have to remember that when I am not fast enough to catch Dairy Queen open in the future! (although the restaurant is probably better food)

blogadmin said...

Yes, the trailer trash of Picture Rocks, the only place to test that fragile edge between life and death.

You know it well, grasshopper.