Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bruce's Birthday Ride

My Birthday was this past weekend, Saturday February 9th. Beautiful weather so of course everything is about doing a bike ride.
My 2002 LeMond Buenos Aries fitted out for desert cyclo-tourism.

Downtown Tucson is about 25 miles South--its still a crisp cool morning.

Mt Lemmon has snow.

I'm riding a few of my favorite back roads this morning.

Up into Rancho Vistoso, and a better look at Pusch Ridge, and the view of the snow.

Mt. Lemmon behind me as I head back to Dog Mtn.

This is the entrance to Sagauro Ranch--a very exclusive area for the ultra rich. Lots for homes start at 4 million bucks. Tiger Woods owns several homes up in here now. Oh, and this tunnel--the developers said that it would actually preserve the environment and fragile eco-system of the desert--as would the golf courses they want to put in. It's sad because this area is so beautiful and now it is only for the enjoyment of the very wealthy. Being a local boy, I know where the secret back-door is to this place. I'll show you someday, Gentle Reader of This Blog.

Bev calls the cell and wants me to meet her at the cafe on my way home. They surprise me with a large cinnamon roll that they saved--and Sabria, the cafe owner, has my Americano ready and waiting.

A new bike for my Birthday! Yeah Baby! Actually, it's the neighbor kid's new ride...

I get a free shot of tequila for my Birthday at our neighborhood Mexican place.


bikingbrady said...

Happy Belated Birthday from balmy (?) South Dakota

Bruce's Bike Blog said...


Thanks! And hey, loved the story about the tractor--I know right where you guys were riding--take care! Cheers! Bruce

Dan Trued said...


Sir Bikesalot said...

Hey, since the neighbors kid got a new bike it is time for you to upgrade right? Got to keep up with the Jones. :)