Friday, February 08, 2008

Bikes that Work

Running errands on the Campus Bike, Gentle Readers of This Blog. The hospital campus is about the size of the back 40--and mostly its for automobile parking. Plenty of bike parking as you can see!

Off to the bike shop. The sun is coming out and Tucson is getting warm! The sky is blue! The cold days are ending. I can't help but get outside. Since I'll be using the Campus Bike more and more, I better take it down to Phil and Judy. I need air and maybe a minor adjustment.

The bike checks out.

Now for my short-cut through the neightborhood back to Campus.

Who is this guy? The house and the Bomb Shelter look kind of the same. Wonder if this old retired guy got this instead of the gold watch? Maybe he and the Missus pull it behind their old jalopy? Maybe they're not the RV driving silver foxes-type that frequent Tucson?

Still, in a pinch, if the Taliban attack, or North Korea wants to slap a hair-lip on us--this might be the place!

The hospital were my office is located was once a TB sanatorium back in the 1920's. Some of the old adobe buildings still remain, and still hold offices too. Many are on the Register of Historic Places.

A horseshoe and I speculate the other cut-out is a stirrup. This was a private hospital for wealthy Easterners to convalesce.

I have seen the ghost of the "Cowboy" in the halls of the hospital. He was wearing Dude clothes like Tom Mix would wear in those films. He wasn't a working cowboy--his duds were too nice. He was probably a guest and my hope is he did get out to horseback ride during his days here. I'm sure I ride the same trails but they are bike routes now.

Happy Trails, y'all!

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