Friday, February 08, 2008

Bikes at War

On the airbase last week, I looked for that spot that would capture the spirit of the returning dough boys. I found the War Bikes.

Do bikes dream? Did they go to Afghanistan with the Battalion? They are work bikes here—some are very old and have been maintained and kept going by the mechanics no doubt. Some are newer and have the mtn bike look. There seemed to be several fleets of these bikes that carry tools for work on the Apache Gunships. The hangers that hold these helicopters are huge and some of the largest buildings I have ever seen. When the Apaches went to Afghanistan the War Bikes surely went as well.

Do these bikes ever dream of the open road and the mountains and the saguaro? Do they envy the Gunships for their stealth and beauty—and power? Or are they are simply things that work and have their place in the industry that we use to make our war on the world?

My bike, at times, when the sun is just right, and the sky that certain blue—transcends the steel it is made from and we merge into energy and flight. It is those moments that I feel really alive.

As my bike waits in the garage, and I pass it to jump in the car for work--it vibrates with the energy of those moments.

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