Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lovely Tucson Commute

Morning Sun. I make it to the bike lockers just as the blaze of the Sun comes over over the Rincon Mountains, East of Tucson. I have parked at the YMCA this cold morning, and ridden 15 miles to work.

The birds and bees have been busy, as the Sun is making the days warm again!
Other birds sqawk out warnings--there are many nests here right by the bike lockers under the parking garage.

I ride my Campus Bike down to a lunch place. The afternoon is about 76 degrees!

I'm riding home on the River Bike Path. One thing about late February and most of March, is the Sun's postition in the afternoon--it is brilliantly blinding! As I ride home West from work, I can hardly see. I know car drivers can't see either so that's why I've got the new day-glow jersey.

Ranch land on the Rillialto River has given way to development. That's the North side of the rive bank we see up there. Instead of cattle, jackrabbits and coyotes, there's yuppies jogging--or walking their little yippie dogs. Little yippie dogs are actually quite delicious, so say the coyotes!

Bike path homeward.

Rock Star Bike Shorts...

I drain what's left of the battery life from the morning commute as I unpack my things from the car and the YMCA.

Callie is helping out of course!



Anonymous said...

I'm loving the shorts....and they go so well with the day-glo...


Sir Bikesalot said...

They say golf is dying out and cycling is growing so you are ready for the coming fashion changes I think.

I'm jealous of your commute. I have to commute through the armpit of Arizona.