Tuesday, January 03, 2012

That's Just How I Roll

Here I am a few years ago when learned how to ride rollers on Le Tigre's set he loaned me. Notice I'm in a hallway, and also notice the step-stool the get on the bike.

I made it to the first celebrity spin class tonight. I missed the other as I was out of town and actually thought they started a week later--but all that is behind me, Gentle Reader of This Blog--and I got up my nerve, packed up the bike and the rollers--and went to class.

First of all, its in an old building which doubles for a parking garage for the owner who's an excavator. His heavy gear and equipment is in there--which helped me out for I had a place I could extend an arm to if I lost balance on the rollers.

Second--I was the only guy who had rollers--gosh I felt like a dope--and the place was packed. I had to go all the way in back, and as I said, I found a tractor fender where I could catch hold if I needed.

Third--everyone was very friendly and mainly it was people talking to friends and quite a social event. I'm the new guy and well--bringing a set of rollers--and Big Sexy to boot--well I must have seemed very odd. But hey! I made it--and I'm happy to report that I did not crash on the rollers, and stayed up mostly the entire hour.

I did sweat log a freakin' hog, mes amis. And I got awful tired toward the end. I believe I will try to borrow a trainer from one of Ricky's band mates--he has one and well, I might as well be like everyone else. Also John, the captain and leader of the class, got me a spot up closer to the front where I have a place to hold on to while on the rollers. I appreciated that--it also puts me up closer to the group of ladies--the very fit ladies--so I'm not sure I want to look all wobby-lee and about to crash where they can see me.

One thing about Big Sey--it is a big tall bike. Up on rollers, well I feel like I'm a semi-truck barrel-assin' to the tune of some bizarre disco-beat and about to fling apart. Maybe a trainer will be better.

Also Gentle Reader--I am fat: I will not lie to you--I've put on some pounds. And I'm not sure why tonight, but man--did my shoulders really hurt afterward. Maybe I was so tense, and maybe too just the way you have to be constantly adjusting your body for balance made it so hard--and that took it out of me.

I'm soon to be 50 years old. 2012 is an important year for me because I can either be a big fat tub of goo--or I can enjoy a moderate level of fitness. I'm right now the heaviest I ever been--how has the weight creeped up on me?

Well, I've taken the first step. I committed to this spin class. It will certainly take more than the spin class to get the weight off--I'll need to get out on the road and ride the bike--even if its a bit colder than I like--I've got to put in the miles. I also think I might have to try brisk walking to my new job a few days a week.

I hope that if you've taken the time to read all this, that you're well, and that you have high hopes and positive goals this year. I miss my friends in Tucson terribly because besides having a great reason to get out and do something--they were great people. I also hope to meet some other great people here too--maybe this class will be a good start!

Cheers! Bruce


Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce! Happy New Year from Tucson - best of luck with the spinning class!


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Happy New Year Colby! You still riding to work? Take care, Man, and thanks for stopping by the blog--you're in here some where. I think we were on Skyline and heading down Craycroft!

Cheers! Bruce