Sunday, January 08, 2012

Celebrity Spin

A quick shot of the bikes in the big equipment garage, Sunday Morning.

I am enjoying Celebrity Spin--as I call it--but really its just a group of local cyclists that have been riding in the garage for many years, and this is actually the 13th year that everyone's gotten together to stay in the loop.

I'm enjoying it because it is a workout, mes amis! I also enjoy it because this is something that The Boss Man and I did back in Tucson a few years ago as well--cadence and heart-rate training.

Boss got me to pull my head out of my ass and stop "mashin" in other words, riding in one big gear all the time--like it was a fixed wheel or something. We started training to get my heart in shape, instead of pounding away in one of two big gears and wearing out my legs.

What ever we did it sure helped me out--and I'm glad I'm coming into the class with some knowledge of what's going on inside this big Clydesdale body of mine. Boss was able to translate the science (physiology--hope I got that right, Boss Man) into a language I could understand.

Cheers! Bruce

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Cv said...


I taught my brother to spin and he ended up getting heart surgery. Now that he has been off the bike for 4 months his cardiologist said his latest ct scan showed his heart has finally shrunk to it's original size (the way they wanted it). He's out of the woods for now, but now he wonders if his heart will enlarge again if he gets back on the bike. Don't want to scare you, but it is something to think about.