Monday, January 09, 2012

New Job At Haskell

Sunrise and the Victory Arch--built in 1926 (I'll have to check that date for sure)

I started the new job and again, my goal will be to ride into work every day. I can't take the bike path as there's construction--but I can still ride fairly safely on the surface streets. It's pretty much a straight shot, takes about 8 minutes, and is just under 2 miles from the Little House to the Library.

On my way to work! Day One!

Gotta be a bit careful because the street I take to Haskell is what I would call a secondary artery for car drivers--they just have to be patient. I can ride at a pretty good clip and the speed limit is supposedly 30 mph--but people are always in a hurry and they realize that they can't pass me so easily. Still, there might be one or two cars so their wait is only a few seconds to go around a bike commuter.

Here's the Library, Gentle Readers of This Blog.

I'll be able to park my Desert San commuter bike inside the library back in one of the spacious work areas. The Director is quite pleased that I am going to ride my bike--even in this cold weather.

One of the old buildings on Campus--this is Sequoia Hall--Boys Gymnasium.

Hiawatha Hall, built in 1884.

Hiawatha is one of the original buildings on the Haskell Campus. Sadly its in a bit of a sorry state--it was for a very long time the Women's Gymnasium. There's also a swimming pool in the basement--however many years ago a student drowned in there. Indian people are very superstitious so the pool has not been used, and now the building. Some people want to save and revive Hiawatha because they say when a building is not used--it dies.

Riding home after my first day on the job!

Wish me luck as I embark on a year as University Librarian. If you are ever in Lawrence, Kansas--and find yourself at Haskell--please come by the Library and say hello!

Cheers! Bruce

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