Thursday, January 12, 2012

Riding Home In Winter

Evening on Campus.

Whoa! Winter showed up, Gentle Readers of This Blog! The day before rain and sleet--and sometimes snow fell. The wind was fierce and wicked cold too! After work today I came out, and the Sun was beginning to set and I wanted to get better shots for you, mes amis--because I thought it was kind of pretty. Only a bit of the snow could hang on as the wind was brutal all day!

Remember Your Relatives.

The Arch was built by Indian Veterans who donated money to honor their fellow soldiers--Indian, White, Black--all Americans--who fought in World War I.

Its symbolic of all the men and and women who have served in the military then and now.

Indian people have the Warrior tradition--its more like stepping up in a time of need--to protect and defend those who cannot defend themselves--being selfless--and if need be, fight to keep the people safe. Indian Veterans take this very seriously.

I believe that there's a feeling that the people of the past made sure that the people of the present--you and me--had a chance in this world. They gave up, some of them, everything--so that we could live to work, play, love, create, and be all that we are. Wouldn't you do the same for them?

We should take care of their memory just as we should take care of our vets coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan--no matter what we felt about the war and the mistakes that were made. What we have enjoyed, and what we will enjoy in the future has been solidified by their efforts and their blood.

Oh the times I have wished to trade places with Little Egypt--why her and not me? Why us and why this time?

Okay--well, I need to hit the sack. One week at the new job! That is a good thing!

Cheers! Bruce


Sir Bikesalot said...

Ours is not the task to question the sacrifice of the veteran but rather to be thankful for the precious gift willingly given. Politicians, that's another story, they make sure they are taken care of pretty well no matter what they do so heap on the abuse there. :)

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Thanks Paul... Cheers! Bruce