Friday, April 15, 2011

Right Place--Wrong Time

Rushing to my bike-fit at the LBS downtown Interzone.

The Local Bike Shop Staff have been to some bike-fit training and seminars as of late, and they are offering a good price for a fit. I believe I will take advantage of their new knowledge and the great price, mes amis, and sign up. So I thought after work, I'd ride downtown to loosen up the legs for the fit.

I make it to the shop.

But there was some kind of event going on, and the whole of downtown was packed full of cars--jam-packed--as it were, so I had to sprint between the mass of steel and fumes to get to my appointment on time. The trouble was, Gentle Readers of This Blog, that my fit was not for two more weeks. I was pretty embarrassed, seeing as how I took quite a few chances in traffic to get to the shop. No worries--the staff is laid-back and just happy to see me.

Lance is with me in spirit!

A band will try to play before a rain storm begins.

So out the side door of the shop I see my way is going to be blocked. Anyway, I talk to a few girls that are there to promote the show. They are two girls from KU that got hired to wear tight shorts and shirts, barely on their svelte bodies, and round up an audience to the show. They were friendly and said the band, with prizes and free beer, was to promote Adult Swim--of which I'm a fan. Actually they were getting a bit cold as the wind was coming up and we felt a few drops of rain. Time for me to get back home!

Lawrence Community Theatre, not far from where we live in The Little House.

My alternate route home wasn't much better, as the play, To Kill a Mocking Bird, was about to start. Traffic was everywhere, and folks were busy looking for a spot to park, and get to show before the rain started.

Mighty Trek.

So I got home just in time to discover that Little Egypt and Rico had gone out to pick us all up some dinner. And I didn't have my keys to the house--I had locked myself out. A quick text found LE and R downtown just where I had left not a few minutes before. Well, as it had not started raining, and there was just a bit of light left--I rode slowly around the quiet streets of East Lawrence, past Bill Burrough's house down the street--down the old rail-trail a pace, and then back home.

Cheers! Bruce

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