Saturday, April 02, 2011

April Ride -- Out and Back

Riding around Lone Star Lake.

I went out to ride with the Lawrence Bike Club this past Saturday morning, as I did back in September when I visited Little Egypt and Rico. It was about 37 degrees when I got up and made a pot of coffee. I thought, "Gonna be cold!" but every 15 minutes or so, the temp went up a few notches--so said the radio announcer. I jumped out the door and zipped to Broken Arrow Park, where the rides meet, Gentle Readers of This Blog, and as I sailed down the sleepy-cold side streets, I could see a few other riders converging onto the main street that would have us rendez-vous together at said place.

Yours--on the Mighty Trek.

Only about ten riders this morning, and the hard-core fast riders to boot. But a friendly bunch and glad to have me along. I let them know I had my map and if I got dropped I'd be fine. After a few miles the group took off, but I was lucky to have Keith, a long-time club rider, hang back with me and take me to Lone Star Lake.

We ride over the Lone Star Lake Dam, built by WPA in the 1930's.

There was wind coming out of the South, as always, but we had stayed with the pack long enough to get out almost to the Lake and through the worst of the wind before we got dropped on one of the hills.

Keith takes us back on a longer, more scenic route--over the dam and around part of the lake.

Open road!

Keith, long-time member of the Lawrence Bike Club.

I wanted to get a shot of the tree growing in the top of the old grain elevator. Keith says that trees getting in grain elevators and growing is not so uncommon--but I think it's pretty cool.

We have an awesome tailwind heading back into Lawrence!

The grass and trees are warming in the sun and waking up from Winter's long sleep--at last!

Lone Star Church in the tiny hamlet of Lone Star.

Big Cotton Wood Tree, probably about 100 years old, defying the Kansas Winds and growing tall and strong.

As Keith and I zip back toward town, we pick up another rider, Larry. We all have a nice chat and we're glad that it seems Spring has arrived!

On the bike path and heading back to the Little House.

In the East Lawrence neighborhood where I live.

I put in a solid 40 mile ride this morning, and I'm glad that I found yet another new friend to ride with--Keith took me on some fantastic roads and we'll be seeing each other again soon when the club meets next weekend. It seems that everyone goes out in the pack to cut through the wind, and then people split off to either hammer back with the tailwind, or go on to a different set of roads--like Keith and I did--and then like everyone else, fly back at 30 mph with the tailwind.

Cheers! Bruce


Anonymous said...

From your pics I'm guessing Keith has a re-painted Trek 5200, with a 1" headset, before they switched to 1 1/8" headsets.

Dan T

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Right on the money, Dan!

Cheers! Bruce