Friday, April 08, 2011

Life on Earth

My commute route, up Mt. Oread--on a Spring Morning.

I've been car free to work and for the week I logged a total of 10 miles commuting, Gentle Reader of This Blog. Used to be back in Tucson I'd ride 130 miles a week.

KU and Interzone surrounding it was built on a steep hilltop in the 1850's--so driving and having a car one must pay a premium--by the hour. Rich Kids have their cars, and mum and da I'm sure flip the bill.

A lot of people walk (more like schlep) up and down the streets (clogged by said cars) and I just don't understand why they would drive a few miles to park half mile away from the campus--just to walk that last half-mile up Mt. Oread--When they could do the heart-pounding climb by bike like me!

I have to be honest with you that most cannot bike up 14th Street that you see above. I do it just because I am just barely able, mes amis--and know that on any ride I do, there will always be a hill--and always a headwind. So I must expect it and not be afraid--Press On Regardless, as Our Beloved RBA, Susan, would say...


The Fellow on the Bike--that's me!

My steep climb to work. You can't tell, but 14th Street is freakin' steep!

The last few days in the early evening as I'm setting out home to the Little House, I have crossed paths with Roadies coming up the hill to start their short training rides, doing hills, on the steep and rolling perimeter road around the campus. I should probably do the same to get in a good workout before sunset. Kansas is windy, so to go out on the rural roads is kind of a pain--fighting a headwind and all...

Fraser Hall on top of Mt. Oread.

Just getting a better picture for you, mes amis. If you're driving out to KU, or if you know the campus--then you know how Fraser Hall dominates this spot on Earth for Humans--of which I claim current affiliation.

Natural History Museum, and including Anthropology and Archeology Departments.

Fraser Hall probably built post WW II.

Take care everyone! I hope you're all well! Cheers! Bruce

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Dan Trued said...

Was that a specialty brew? A Kansas brew?