Monday, April 18, 2011

Car Sugar Free

Rural Kansas Roads.

The club ride was Saturday morning, but too cold for my blood, Gentle Readers of This Blog. I slept in and decided it would be Sunday when I'd go out. When Sunday morning was just as cold--stayed and made Little Egypt and Rico and I breakfast--then at 11 o'clock I set out for Lone Star Lake. Just as I was about to head out of Interzone and into the Wilds--a rider pulled up to me and asked where I was going--and if he might tag along. This has been what's so great about Lawrence, mes amis! There's always some rider or riders to hook up with and ride out into the Wilds. I'm happy to have Jim along, and together we take turns cutting through the ever-present headwind out of the South.

A beautiful Redwood tree set here in the little village of Lone Star.

Jim is faster and stronger than me, so I have to work to keep up with him. We're really riding at a good clip despite the headwind we have to get through. Had I been out here by myself, this ride would have been a slog--but Jim is happy to pull us both. And as he said, eventually another rider or group would come along and a paceline would form up out to the Lake.

Lone Star Lake at last.

I'm using my messenger mirror that Le Tigre got for me last year--really helped on this ride.

I started using a mirror because out here the wind is so fierce that I can't hear anything--like cars coming up from behind--and for some reason out here on these Kansas Roads I'm finding that a little un-nerving. The only way Jim and I could talk to each other was riding side-by-side. It just always seemed that out of nowhere there was a car or truck behind us. The mirror worked for me this ride. I'll use it more--thanks Le Tigre, Old Sport!

Tailwind for the ride home.

After an hour of riding with a bitch of a headwind, mes amis, we are flying back to Lawrence averaging 25 mph! I have to say that the guys out here get strong as they have this nasty headwind to deal with. Everyone gets in a group on the way out to try to share the work. The reward is the fast trip back!

On the way to the Little House--its Spring!

Jim says we'll meet again soon as he's going to be out on the club rides this year on Saturday mornings. It will be good training to ride in a paceline with some good blokes like the ones I've met just going out on the road.


Take care everyone, and thanks for stopping by my blog and coming along for the ride.

Cheers! Bruce

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Sir Bikesalot said...

Sounds like cyclists are really friendly out there. That's pretty cool.