Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time For Gloves on My Rides

Morning ride into the office--gloves this morning, mes amis!

I'm enjoying the rides into work--the route is a bit more urban jungle--but hey that's just about all Tucson now it seems. My new office is in the heart of an aging Tucson neighborhood. Still seems like there's room for bikes but oddly I feel out of place. I'm a fast roadie and everyone else on bikes rides them because they don't have or can't afford a car.

So the mornings are just such that under-armour and gloves are needed--going home is perfect. Going home means a lot of traffic but the traffic lumbers along slow. I find it surreal that I'm passing cars fast and close instead of the other way around. I squeeze past everyone as the bike lane runs out the last few miles to Arthur Pack Park.

The sun is going down, and I'm still a few miles out from my car parked at Arthur Pack.

As I got off the rive bike path--which was tricky because now its closed off and a rider has to maneuver through a parking lot--I met up with a strong young rider named Randy. Having two bikes helped us squeeze onto La Cholla, and then we had a green arrow for the left onto River.

Riding fast on the way home, even in that evening headwind that's always coming out of the West.

Randy was riding almost as far up as me on Thornydale, and he road fast and strong and I kept up with him all the way up. It was good to have a friendly roadie on the busy street. The sun was setting, and as we chatted we switched on lights and he put on reflective ankle straps.

Randy told me he road several times a week 23 miles one way to his office near the Tucson Airport. So when he told me he set out from home at 4:30 am I didn't feel so bad. I'm leaving the house here in Dog Mtn at 5:45 and rolling by 6 am. after parking the car. Randy is well on his way by the time I'm starting out. I'm sure I'll see him again on a trek home.

Bike light on my car--to the car just in time to see the stars...

Good to see the hardy bunch of cyclists out cutting that morning darkness with their determination and gusto!

Allure Libre--Cheers! Bruce

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