Thursday, October 14, 2010

Old Roads and New

A cool October morning.

I'm back commuting to work on the bike. Blazing a trail to the new office was not too bad the other day--it was a short ride--mainly to see if I could do a clean-up in the mens room. I won't have a shower at the new office, mes amis.

On the bike path to the County Club Bridge. This bridge will take me across the river and to where the mid-town bike route starts.

My ride to the new office is about five miles shorter than the old Desert San. To the San was more direct, and to the Art School its more in the heart of old midtown.

Funky but it works.

All of the bike path is on the North side of the river for the most part. The bridge crosses over to the old Tucson Raquet Club. I actually have to ride through the parking lot of the club to then get on Country Club Rd. to head into work. So when I get off the bridge, I squeeze through this little path and into the parking lot. I found this a few weeks ago when I was driving in the area--I followed the other cyclist into the parking lot, and then walked out here--then I knew exactly where I was! Cool!

The new bike lane and newly paved roads begin!

Biking to work now is the best option for me, Gentle Reader of This Blog. It is very congested where the Art School is located--plus there's major road construction. I sail past the dead-lock traffic and make it to the office in no time.

The ride home!

It is great to be free of all that bumper to bumper traffic for the rush hour home, mes amis! I just hop on the bike and I am free!

Setting myself a good pace in the cool October evening air or Tucson.

My car stays parked in the shade of the trees all day at the River Park.

This was a short ride and mainly to see what I needed to pack for my "shower" at work. I just have a mens room in the back of the command center--and I brought a wash cloth and soap and just kind of wiped myself down. The trick I read somewhere is to shower before you leave and that keeps you cleaner for some reason. So yeah that worked--I didn't think I smelled too bad all day.

I really didn't even break a sweat riding in, or riding home. It was a beautiful trip coming and going, and with so many people out walking and running, I just had to sit back and relax and take my time. I've taken to heart what one of my reader said a few weeks ago-- "Keep Riding" and I shall-- no matter how tough the new job.

Cheers! Bruce

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