Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Perfect Metric Century

Boss on Oracle Rd, heading south down from the town of Oracle, Arizona.

I finally got out on the bike with The Boss and we did his about 63 mile, or 100 kilometer ride from his shack to the old mining town of Oracle.

This club was pulled over by the police.

We saw a big pack up ahead of us get stopped by the police. They were pulled over and cautioned for riding too close to the white line you see there of the bike lane--which is crazy because although its a bike lane, legally we can ride on the road. Anyway, the club was a friendly bunch and they asked us to ride along.

Riding in the club's pace-line.

Boss and I took a turn pulling up in front.

About twenty riders this morning--it was a good pace and everyone was calm and friendly. Boss knows the Cardiologist who started the club as rehab for heart transplant patients...

We actually got pulled over by a motorcycle cop as the lead group pulled through and ran a stop light. The rest of us went through the light as well--I have to say no one was paying attention as we were just rolling along. The police officer, a veteran of working El Tour, let us off with a friendly warning.

The Boss.

The group was riding up to Biosphere but by some back way I don't know. We're going to ride up about 10 or so more miles to the town of Oracle. We had hoped we'd ride with the group up to there, but they pulled off to re-group and get off of busy Oracle Rd (becoming Hwy 77 now)

I snapped this after we pull off the front from our pull. Soon after this, the pack turns off to go the back way through Saddlebrook.

The sun is coming up but its still a bit cool, and we're climbing gradually to about 4,000 ft.

On our way to Oracle.

About 10 miles from Oracle, making the big climb up the road.

We're going in the back way up to the second Circle K--I've never been this route so this will be all new for me.

One of those old funky motor hotels shaped like tipis--and still in operation!

Oracle was an old mining town--it may be again soon as a company wants to start mining up on Mt. Lemmon again.

Mining in the State of Arizona has become way unpopular, mainly because the mining companies left the mines and the areas they mined environmental disaster areas.

The second Circle K store. We'll get water and take a short break.

The Mighty Trek.

Not open yet--maybe next time we'll stop in.

On the way back to Tucson.

Still a bit of a chill in the air--perfect riding weather.

There some sort of old paper mill, or some old smelter at the top of the hill there by Oracle. This will be our last big climb up to the top there.

We actually have some moderate headwinds on the way back down into Tucson.

Its that time of year-

We will ride around and be on the South side of Pusch Ridge that you see up there, mes amis

Back on Ina Rd heading East.

Thanks for riding along and for reading my blog!

Cheers! Bruce


Sir Bikesalot said...

Dang, they really are stepping up bicycle enforcement over there aren't they?

Oh well, as long as they aren't jumping in front of the paceline and slamming on there brakes all is well huh?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Wait: too close to the white line?? What statute did the officer mention I wonder. The warped common view of what cycling safety is, I presume. Yes sir, safety is paramount sir, oh by the way could you point me to the Arizona statute related to this stop so I can ensure that I follow it more carefully in the future?

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

A lot of people in this city believe that cyclists can only ride on roads where there's a bike lane--to ride on a road without a bike lane is breaking the law--that's why the rednecks and hayseeds pass you real close because they feel like they're enforcing the rules of the road.

They also believe that when a cyclist is not in the bike lane, like crosses over to the left, they're breaking the law as well--which is BS. So this group gets pulled over because they might look like they're about to break over the line? And this is law enforcement you say?

Cheers! Bruce