Saturday, October 09, 2010

Dave Glasgow Crashes on Cochise Classic

I received word early this morning that Dave Glasgow, legendary ultra rider and Super Randonneur, from Tucson, crashed about 3:30 a.m. on the Cochise County Cycling Classic course.

My friends John and Kathy are riding the new Cochise 243 mile course on their tandem--as I write this post. I phoned them about 7 a.m. this Saturday morning to check in on their progress--that's when Kathy told me about Dave's crash. They had come upon the ambulance and stopped. Kathy explained that Dave appeared to recognize John as Dave was going into the ambulance with the paramedics--which is good. I can't tell you how his injuries went, as J and K were still on the bike and in the race.

I'm not sure which hospital he may have been transported to at this time--Kathy thought Benson. Sorry everyone, but that's all the details I have at the moment.

You can see a link to John and Kathy riding Cochise a few years ago. I was crew for them and Dave was the Race Marshall. I've crewed for Dave on Cochise once before as well.

Here are some links about Cochise so you can see some about the race...

John and Kathy riding Cochise

Crewing for my friend Paul Layton

My Cochise ride

Cheers! Bruce


Dan Trued said...

Every cyclist's nightmare to have that happen, hope it isn't too serious. Sounds like they were riding the course in preparation. I've always wondered how all of you descended from the tunnel on lights, that one scares me in full daylight.


Dan Trued said...

I checked the PBAA site, I guess they were in the race, for some reason I thought it was at the end of the month. I thought that was kind of radical to be out at 3:30 am on a prep ride. That most of been a cold start, whew! So I get it now.


Sir Bikesalot said...

Too bad to hear about Dave. Did he Crash coming down Mule Pass (or did they take that out this year?)? Hopefully he didn't break anything, I think he's had enough of that and to spare.