Friday, July 10, 2009

103 Degress of Hyperbole

Breaking in the Trek 2.3 on the commute.

Our AC broke down early in the morning here at the Desert San, and by 11:30 it was 105 inside the building--and not long after we were evacuating. This meant an afternoon ride home for me, Gentle Readers of This Blog, in 103 temperature at the hottest part of the day. To say I got cooked is an understatement. Still, there is something quite surreal about extreme heat--and I survived with just a bit of sun on the arms.

The air was hot, muggy, and eerily still. The headwind I usually struggle with in the late afternoons was not to be felt as I made my way out of the Desert San and into the Day.

Days gone by for some old places. A pre-WW II homestead, now in the middle of town.

Used to be the very edge of town where this site is located. I dropped by the bike shop as I was still having a few shifting problems on the new Trek. Phil helped me out and then I took a short cut from the shop to get to Pima and Swan Ave. The old place above looked like it was from the days when Tucson was a one-horse town. Now its full of Shit-heads and Old Farts.

Swan Ave looking North to the Catalina Mtns and Pusch Ridge.

I hop onto Swan Ave and it is busy with traffic. But the traffic will taper off as I gain some altitude and make the climb to the ridge.

103 degrees out this afternoon!

I op-out of the long climb and way home on Ina an Sunrise (too hot and too much traffic) and decide I'll take the River Path this time around.

Very hot and thick air to ride through along the River's edge.

The ride home was okay and as long as I kept moving, the sweat evaporated instantly it seemed. It is best to take it easy because taking in that hot air into you lungs heats your core up quickly. Also, I put down a water bottle before I left, and kept an iced-down extra bottle folded up in my work clothes stowed in my saddle bag. That seems to work well--I have a fresh cold bottle for the last climb up to the YMCA.

Shaded corridor to cool down before the hot climb in heavy traffic.

102 and 103 and even hotter is okay--because evolution has given us the bodies to survive these conditions--and brains to invent ways to carry water and make the best of it. I've noticed that my mind and body turn on ancient DNA or something, and I begin to adapt physically and mentally to the environment.

As I've said before, I've noticed a lot of fat-ass people fight for close parking spots at the YMCA--trying to bully their way into these spots with the idea that their big SUV or pimped-out Jeep (with AC) gives them some kind of right away.

I see this aggression, and then observe the occupants getting out of the dripping-libido vehicle, and then making their way to the entrance of the Y--for a work-out. Most often it is a portly, mean-looking soccer mom, trailing a string of little tubby offspring. A cell phone stuck to the jowl of mom as the little ones shuffle behind.

Pretty Fucking Sad

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