Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ride Reports

I rode home a few nights ago, and it was the first time in quite sometime that it was getting dark. I have a Schmidt Dynamo Hub and I believe it works quite nice. I wanted to make note that at Orange Grove and Thornydale Rds, traffic was at a stand-still. I traveled at least four miles North through all the major intersections, to almost the Safeway Store at Linda Vista and Thornydale—and still traffic had barely moved. For my Gentle Readers that don’t know what streets I’m talking about—just imagine seeing for many miles ahead of you, the red tail-lights of commuters waiting to get home. A lone cyclist gliding past. Wow, that is bad traffic and I’ve noticed how much worse it has become. Sad really, but I don’t feel any safer because cars aren’t speeding past. It just feels eerie.

I had to ride in again this morning and take my car back to the shop—yet another problem. But other people waiting in line for their appointments saw me take the bike out of the trunk of the car and put on the front wheel. People thought that was really cool and wanted to know all about my commute—how far I went, how long it took, etc. One woman told me that she volunteers at a water station her company sponsors at El Tour de Tucson. She asked me if I was riding… Hmmm? I told her it would cost me $95.00 and she was shocked. “That much?!” But one of the doctors here at the hospital put it into perspective, cause we were talking about it--he said the money goes to pay all the police to stop traffic for us—and of course there’s the good cause the money goes to—as in—people that are too sick or physically challenged to ride a bike. So I should pony up the money, send in the check—and be thankful I can enjoy the ride with my friends.

Allure Libre!

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