Saturday, November 11, 2006

Le Randonneur

Here's a photo of the bike with all the lights on board. The hub works well, but on certain roads on my commute, I like to use both the hub and the 5 watt light. This set up works well in the mornings when I'm going down Thorneydale from Tangerine Rd. This is downhill, and runs about 3.5 miles. I can ride at 22 mph--but it is about 6 a.m. and dark. The road is narrow and the pavement rough. Sand and gravel on either side--you would not want to run off the road going 20 or 22 mph. The front wheel with sink into the sand and you would fly over the handlebars. I should know--this happened to me once out with John Heller and Dave Glasgow. I though I was having a flat tire and would pull over to investigate. My front wheel quicky sank into the sand--it looked like hard-packed dirt--and I was flung to the ground and on my back.

In the desert, I'll use the 10 watt and the 5 watt together--because its so dark and I'm a chicken. The pavement runs out and then its a dirt road. I can ride a little faster because I can see the road, with the rocks and sand pockets, rattle snakes, mountain lions, bigfoot, Taliban, North Korean Comandoes, etc... The battery power drains quickly, so I try to use as little as possible in the mornings to save power for the evenings...

With all the miles I put in with the Brevet, and then riding in almost everyday this last week--I had to catch up on laundry. Finally the weekend and a chance to slieep late.

Allure Libre!

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