Tuesday, November 21, 2006

El Tour

I went down the corner of Tangerine and Dog Patch, and was just going to see a few riders pass by. There was a big crowd and I got into the excitement--was there for two hours cheering on riders until I was hoarse and sunburned.

It was fun to cheer and many of the riders looked pretty tired. They were about 70 miles into the ride. Riders really perked up and smiled when people cheered them--that was the best part.

When the police did have to stop traffic, I had a chance to chat with the riders. I helped one fellow change a flat on his rear tire. I pretty much held the bike for him and he said that that was the quickest tire change he'd ever had, and thanked me for lending a hand.

I was out there at the intersection from just before Noon to about 2 o'clock. Stef and some of the other lads I knew were riding El Tour probably passed before I got out there to spectate--but I did see an old friend Warwick. He was riding with his wife, Pam. Her first time, and they were doing the 68 mile course. Warwick usually finishes in under six hours, so he was just kicking back and enjoying the ride.

There were many un-sportsmanlike automobile drivers--all looking pretty sour they had to stop and wait or slow down. It was shamefull gentle readers! Most were or retirement age, had expensive cars, and lived in the very affluent part of Dog Mtn called Heritage Highlands. I noted that they were very pushy when it came to other motorists--motorists that had slowed down and were letting cyclists go on ahead, or were watching and actually obeying the police officers directing traffic.

I saw the two traffic cops give two tickets. One to an old fart who decided he had waited long enough and drove thru the intersection. He got pulled over right away and was given a ticket. Next some asshole in a corvette started to get impatient and began revving his engine while stopped in the intersection. He was wanting to make a left turn up Dog Mtn Blvd. As I said, he started revving his engine and the cop made him pull over and wrote him a ticket. The asshole argued with the cop, and then as the corvette driver left with his ticket, the crowd applauded the police officer and booed the corvette. The asshole in the corvette turned up the street and gave the crowd the finger as he burned rubber up the street.

Pretty shameful. I have never in my life seen so many grey-haired worthless Dog Patch Fucks in my life. I think they should have all been pulled over to the side of the road and shot insurgent style. Holy shit, but Gentle Readers, what is wrong with this country?

But I love you all, mes amis and Gentle Readers--

My rant is over!

Allure Libre!!!

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