Friday, October 06, 2006

Rain in the Face

What a lovely soaking ride into the office I had this morning. Lightning was spacktackyoulore! And, Gentle Readers, you should also know that I arrived covered in a fine layer of lovely filth. Ahhh... I was so dirty and muddy and covered with sand, that first I had to take a shower with the bike clothes on to get all that crap off me.

It was good to get out and ride. I went part of the way with a guy Alex, whom I've met before, and we rode together until Mountain Ave. That was cool that we saw each other and remembered we'd ridden before. His commute is 17 miles.

And coming down Glenn, I was thinking about how I wish I'd kept on my cool black fenders from Germany on the bike(I still have them in the garage.) Just then, a fellow commuter rolled up beside me. He was riding a Mtn Bike/Street Bike and had fenders. I commented that he looked nice and dry, and he laughed and told me that everyone asks him why he still keeps those silly fenders on his bike anyway!

I think I'll get the old Raleigh to the bike shope and have Phil put my fenders back on. If rain is forcast for some of the Brevets this year--it will be good to have them on board.


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