Monday, October 09, 2006

Morning Climb Rain or Shine

To break up the usual commute, I took Tangerine East to Moore, then Rancho Vistoso to almost Tangerine and Oracle. It definetly added a few more miles to my ride--more than I wanted, and it added a few extra climbs I was not ready for. I rode about 30 miles instead of 23. What makes this ride memorable, Gentle Reader, is that I found myself mostly in a headwind as rain clouds decided to crawl off the top of Mt Lemon then come down and let loose on me. Oh, and I skipped breakfast--mistake because I felt like I was imploding...

I had to climb from Oracle and then East on Ina for a few miles, and at this point, I realized I put on more miles that I needed--and I was sort of running out of time and needed to push to have time for my shower and change in the locker room. The rain stopped and the sun was out and it was clear and beautiful. The air felt good filling my lungs as I worked my way up Ina.

I've seen everybody out riding. Today, I was the only guy on the road. I got to see the lightining bolts flash down the ridge. Cool...

Allure Libre!

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