Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Forget Something?

I normally take clothes into the office when I do drive in. It seems I always have a pair of pants, socks, ironed shirt, etc. waiting--cause that stuff is weight and I can't fold or pack for crap. Bev can, but I have to really plead with her--and she doesn't want me looking all wrinkle-lee. A pair of shoes is also stowed in my locker. This just saves time and makes me at ease.

This lovely morning I made a hastey last minute dash to work on the bike, and made it with a few minutes to spare. I had to pack clothes to wear for today in my backpack--but as I got out of one set of sweaty bike clothes and layed out the office ones--I was sans underwear, mes amis. I forgot to pack 'em. I will make it a point not to do this ever again, and actually will have a back-up pair in my desk. At first I felt exposed and like a tramp--but with emails and phone calls, I forgot about being one layer short.

One time when I worked at AHSL, I rode in, and put the bike in the office, and went down to the locker room. I got undressed, took a shower, got out, and then realized I'd left my clothes still haning on the back door there in my office. For a second there I'd thought I didn't have any clothes at all.

I had to change back into my bike stuff, walk back down thru the hospital to fetch my pants, shirt, and all that. Wonderful...


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