Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sunday Ride Report--In Your Face

Dr. Heller wins the race to the top of Gates Pass. Eric attacked and I went after--passed him--then he passed me--and then John passed us both. Larry knows better and enjoys the scenic mountains. You know I should stop and take some pictures for you, my Gentle Reader of this Blog--so you can be, like, all jealous and stuff!

Beautiful Sunday morning ride/punishment.

We'er at the top of Gates Pass. We've gone up the Front Side--or is it the Back Side? I don't really know!

As part of our Sunday morning ritual, there's race to the Chevron on Sandario Rd, better known as the Lil Debbie Cup. Whom ever wins buys the Lil Debbie CupCakes. This particular Sunday, mes amis, I have that esteemed honor! We ride 25 to 27 mph--rather recklessly. My ploy is to suddenly jump out and try to get some distance, in an effort to demoralize the other blokes. But they get on my wheel (without me knowing it) and then when I get tired--they of course take the lead.

Oh yeah, so we rode in a tight paceline--with strong headwind--and made the dash to see who could be 1st up Twin Peaks Road, the last hill challenge before we head home. I'm not sure who got there first (this entry is a week old and I'm just putting it in) but I coughed up a lung trying to catch Eric the Wing.

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