Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ride Report

I rode the campus bike to the pool. Such a beautiful day today... The price of lap swim has gone up to $1.50--from $1.oo this summer. The extra $.50 is to help pay for the heating of the pool. The heater, so the life guards told me, gets turned on October 1st. The water was 78 degrees--cold for the first jump in the pool, but I warmed up quickly.

It was nice to swim again, and I must try to get to the pool more often. I have been trying to enjoy sitting outside and lunch and read the paper--but too often there's staff (mainly nurses) and visitors smoking outside at the entrance of the Cardiac Rehab. Kind of ironic really... The foul smell of the cigarettes carries over into the patio garden, and it makes it unbearable to sit outside. The poor cardiac rehab patients have to endure the nurses smoking, as they slowly shuffle past the "draggin ladies" into rehabilitation.

So I go to the pool at the park where the air is fresh and clean, and I can enjoy the mountains in the distance. I motivated myself to swim by taking the campus bike from the bike locker, and moving over to the Cardiac Rehab back porch area--where there's a bike rack.

Just swimming for that 20 minutes at the pool has made me feel like 10 years younger!


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