Monday, August 28, 2006

1-800-Call Kim

Who ya gonna call?

Our adventure actually begins early in the morning. Even earlier if you must know, Gentle Readers--It was a long week for Yours Truly. He arrives at Steve's Friday night, just in time for a cold beer, a shower--then hits the hay.

Bruce and Steve leave at 5:30 a.m. and hey--its light outside! For once they are not riding in darkness--the light is good for photos. Here they are just rolling onto Mill Ave--and look! Its the Old Mill. Steve says its an eye sore but Bruce sees it as tres chic iconic.

Mill Ave. place to hang out and have a few beers...

Arrival at breakfast. Time for our Randonneurs to eat, have coffee, and wake up. Bruce has been here before and convinces Steve that it will be well worth it. The food is good, and the waitresses vivacious. Like any good waitress, ours pretends to be interested and impressed with our cycing exploits.

After breakfast, Steve leads the party over Hwy 60--this is the point of No Return, mes amis!

Horse's Ass on the Rez.

Big screen TV of water flowing like a river or stream--out in the middle of no where on the Rez.

Randonneur Self-Portrait while riding in a headwind on the Rez. Headwind --makes for a long ride as energy is steadily drained out of you. At least the Brave Randonneur pictured above got smart and wore sunscreen.

Stoic beauty of the mountains on the reservation.

Indian kids on the Rez. They want to know where Steve and Bruce came from and where they're going. A trade is negotiated; a pose for a photograph in exchange for Bruce's lunch money.

Baseline area of South Phoenix. This is the back way the Randonneurs take for a few miles through the ghetto...

The other "A" Mountain, near the ASU Campus.

Papago Park, on the way back to Scottsdale.

Oh yes, its at this point in the adventure that things start to go to Hell--by now, Gentle Readers of this blog, it is well over 103 degrees. Our heros experience mechanical and mental odds and ends. Kim, wife of Randonneur Steve, calls, and she's nearby--with the Mystery Van!

The Mystery Van arrives! So it will 90 miles today instead of 115.

Mystery Van loaded with bikes, and tired Randonneurs.

Top Dog!


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