Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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Gentle Readers,

Rain is no excuse not to be on the bike. I've been busy but I still find time to ride in and try to swim laps on my lunch hour. Steve and I will try to get some rides going--so you can read about our pain and suffering, and see the pictures too!

In the meantime, I wanted you all to know that I'm trying to stay fit and trying to decide about riding Cochise again--because now its two months away! I have to really put in the miles to prepare, and lay off the donuts and ice cream... (Just playing--I don't eat that shit anymore)Please send words of encourgement because I'm waiting for fellow Randonneur Paul Layton to maybe bail me out and ask me to be his crew chief on the 252--Or Steve, the star of the blog, to be my crew chief--he can ride in the comfort of 22X while I suffer through/enjoi the bliss of 252 miles... He can yell out the window and say things like, "Faster, you sonofabitch! Faster!"

Enjoi the photos of a typical lunch to the pool for lap swim!

My campus bike is parked in back of the Pain Clinic. A short walk from the back door of the Library. Its like an old patio so the bike is out of the sun and rain and I don't mind leaving it outside. On Friday, I put the campus bike in the bike locker for the weekend... My bike locker takes too long to walk to and back after a swim, so this parking spot saves me about 12 minutes.

I cut through the TMC Campus, which is full of desert flora planted from the 1920s and 1930s--when TMC was a TB sanitorium.

This is the intersection of Glenn and Craycroft. Fort Lowell Park is on the right. The old Fort dates back to the 1850s. The old Army Hospital, and some of the old barracks can still be seen in the park, however, they are ruins and unoccupied.

Entrance to the park...

Summer lap swim is $1.00 and I try to swim for 25 minutes--Wow its like so crowded, mes amis! I feel like I have my own private lane, and its the same people swimming each day.

After my swim, its a quick ride back to the office--I've discovered that the water tower was built in 1924, not 1927 as I had previously thought. I wish I could have gotten one of the bike lockers there on the lower right hand corner of this picture. I've never seen them used. People probably got them, never used them--and then haven't worked at TMC for years...

My office used to be the old indoor pool. The locker room still remains and is never used except by me, and Dr. Wool, another cyclist. Its like having my own private locker room. Oh yeah, and fee towel service, as the Cardio Rehab is next door and they let me get a couple of towels.

So I'm able to change, ride to lap swim, swim 25 to 30 minutes, and ride back all within about an hour. The lap pool is open year-round. Pretty cool...


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