Sunday, June 16, 2013

Club Rides

Hot Summer Ride

I've been riding mostly with a group of Local Bike Club people and enjoying the camaraderie.  Mostly we stay together, like today, but sometimes a few of the faster blokes take off, and so I chase after.  Soon we're spread out over many miles.  Some riders get discouraged, give up, and turn around and head home.

Tommy, green jersey and far right - no matter what we're  doing - has to be first.  If I ride up next to him, he tries to go a little faster, and then a little faster.  Before you know it, I take a quick glance over my shoulder, and we've dropped everybody by a mile of two.  

Today I didn't play that game and just hung back and rode with everyone - discovering how cool and different everyone is and sees things.  That seemed the order of the day.  Also, it was very very muggy!  I quickly went through two water bottles - something I've not done in awhile.  

Anyway, there's always a Tommy.  Tommy can go way up front by himself.

Cheers!  Bruce

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