Friday, January 25, 2013

Warm KS day

The day of these photos for you, Gentle Reader of This Blog, KS was having record temps--almost 70 degrees were forecast!  With the Mighty Trek at the barn for Celebrity Spin Class, I went out on the 1977 Raleigh Super Grand Prix.  Who would have thought I'd get to ride in Mid-January out into the Wild Lands of Kansas?  

Well, for one thing it had to actually warm up to 70, and in fact it probably only reached 65 degrees for a few minutes--then quickly as the sun started to set--the chill was back!  I did make it out for the 60 plus--but I fumbled about for about 30 minutes trying to find my helmet!  I had stowed it for the winter in the closet--stuff got put over the top of it and out of my sight--but I got out there and quickly sped out of town!

On the bike and with the wind, I did have to dress a bit warm.  With the warm, the cold was on the way, and as the afternoon sun headed down, the cold-front was on the wind.  Oh yeah and this was a Saturday as well--I scanned my email hoping that some of the gang I ride with might venture out--but there was not a peep.  I was the lone rider out on the still bewildered hwy--the pavement seemed bundled and tight, and the land had just one eye open--slightly awake with all this sunshine.

Riding through the Big Farm.

German Church built in 1918.

I'm on my way to Lone Star Lake, Gentle Readers of This Blog, and hope to join up with some fellow riders.  None to be seen this afternoon.  I'm a morning rider as well, and in this afternoon Winter Sun, the landmarks on my familiar route surprise me with some cool cold mystery.

A fortress of brilliant green is now a frail row of thin trees.

I don't know, but the Big Cotton Wood on the Big Farm seems to be soaking in all this warm sun and enjoying every ray.  Good to see you Old Man!  Happy New Year to You!

I didn't go all the way out to the lake as the sun was setting and the wind quickly chilling me.  Also, it was hard work, and my heart rate I am sure was high--high like when we're really pushing to get up into Zone 3 and Zone 4 in our workouts in Spin Class.  I thought I'd ride the tailwind back into Lawrence and call it a  day.  I figured I get home right before Little Egypt--I had gotten out of driving to Kansas City with her to go shopping.  How could I go shopping on such a warm day?

The tailwind I had was excellent.  I sailed home and had a bit of the late afternoon Sun warming my back and shoulders.  And I was glad to be getting back as it seemed every pedal stroke the air grew colder.  So now I'm at the edge of the city and cutting through Haskell.  In the mornings, Lawrence is empty and you just head straight through the main streets and then suddenly find yourself on the prairie and head-on into the wind.  In the afternoon, every hay-seed and bumpkin is out driving, running errands, and on this warm day, sight-seeing with the windows rolled down.  An arm dangled out and cigarette in hand.

Hiawatha Hall built 1889 or thereabouts.

 I see some students in the stadium playing Frezbie Golf or Football or whatever.  Every one's in shorts and t-shirts.  They'll go to dinner at Curtis Hall here real soon.

So there you have it!  I'm really glad I got out and rode, and got something in the blog for you, Gentle Reader--I hope all is well and that you have a good safe ride when ever you go!

Cheers!  Bruce

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Dan Trued said...


Crazy weather, no? As I am writing this it is 31 degrees outside, but this weekend it will be 75. Up and down for the last few weeks here. Have to take advantage of those warm days!