Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grand Prize!

A few weeks ago at the annual Bike Club Party, where plenty of beer flowed and we ate well, Gentle Readers of This Blog--I again won the Grand Prize Drawing at the end of the evening!

I won this fully-loaded Garmin Edge 800
So this was way cool!  These things are expensive, yeah?  One price tag X'ed out says $649.98 and the other one $374.98--either way there was a lot of excitement and hoo-rahs for me from the blokes I ride with for such a big score!

But the best part of the evening, as I said in my acceptance speech to my fellow cyclists, is that I got my wife (aka Little Egypt) to come to the party--and she met all the super men and women I ride with and am friends with--and with a few of the girls she really hit it off--and now--much to my delight, mes amis--she wants to get a bike and ride with us!

So that is the best part that she came to the party, was made to fill welcome, found some people that were kind of like her at first: not sure about being on the hwys and roads with cars--and now she wants to be in on the fun of the bike club.

It also helped that she met my friends and their husbands and wives--and other intriguing individuals, free spirits, artists, and fun people--and came to the conclusion that as cyclists, we're not all that crazy.  In fact we're very normal.

Whew...  Now I have to find a bike for her.  I had a lead on one back in Tucson--but another friend got the bike for his young son.

December and January are gone already.  Already a month in Celebrity Spin.  I won't be able to put the Garmin on the Mighty Trek until Spring--when its warm outside (snowing while I write this and bitterly cold) and Celebrity Spin is over in Mid-March.

Cheers!  Bruce


Big Oak said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you have two Grand Prizes - the Garmin, and Little Egypt!

I received a Garmin 800 for Christmas and really like it. It seems to work really well with RidewithGPS software, but there are other software programs you can download also.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Edge. Mounts to go with different bikes, all the bells and whistles may you want, reliable and it's all you need.

Anonymous said...


What is the range with the bats, you'll have to comment on that some day. I've always wondered about that.